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 Welcome to the Halstead Baptist Church website!


      There are only a few days left of November and then we enter the last month of 2016. How do you plan on spending these last days? Do not waste them indulging in your own desires but put the Lord first and do His will. What wonderful things He has planned for you!


There is a slideshow of what the different series are that Preacher is preaching through lower on this page. Exciting things to learn about from God's amazing word!


Come be a part of our growing family. We look forward to seeing you.

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 Please check out our calendar for upcoming activities.


  Our theme for 2016 is "He is Still Worthy". Why do we live the way we live, why do we do what we do, say what we say? Because God is worthy for us to. If you aren't living the life He is worthy of, don't make a resolution to do better, just do better. Let us encourage you along the way. Come be a part of our church family. 


Kids club meets every Wednesday at 7:30. For more information please click here. 


 Want a fun challenge in your Bible reading? Under "Member Resources" is a

"Daily Devotional" that will quiz you on a different portion of Scripture every day. Have fun! 

Here are the different series titles that Pastor is preaching through. Come and enjoy the preaching and the fellowship of fellow believers. 






If you do not already belong to a congregation, we would love for you to join ours. Please look around the site to learn more about us and let us know if you have any questions. We'd love to see you in one of our services.